Seven Best User Registration Plugins For Your WordPress website

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Having a registration form on your WordPress website makes it so much more user-friendly, helps with brand recognition, and is one of the most convenient ways to generate more leads for your business. However, to get the most from your registration forms, opting for an effective plugin can be a great first step.

Why Use a User Registration Plugin for WordPress?

Although WordPress has a primary registration option, using a registration form plugin gives you far greater flexibility and control over the registration process.

You can effortlessly create custom forms and display them anywhere on your website with just a simple drag and drop builder. In turn, this helps you build advanced registration flows for a more personalized user experience, automatically assign user roles, have complete control over who can access the restricted content on your website, and so much more

The following seven plugins allow you to register users efficiently and systematically. And, perhaps most importantly, they help keep your website spam-free and secure.

The Seven Best WordPress Registration Plugins

To help optimize your WordPress site, we’ve outlined a list of our seven best, hand-picked WordPress registration plugins. Hopefully, you might be able to add to your own WordPress websites for greater efficiency and functionality, overall.

WP Forms
WPForms ranks among the top WordPress form builder plugins. Its effortless drag and drop interface allows you to create amazing registration forms without having to write a single line of code. In fact, you can create custom registration and login forms with just a few clicks using the user registration and login add-on. It is 100% responsive and works effectively on all devices. What’s more, WPForms is perfect for business owners, designers, developers, and even beginners, thanks to the pre-built form templates which help you customize forms and save time overall. What’s more, this plugin also allows you to integrate different payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, and for a more accessible collection of payments.
  • Drag and drop builder for instant form creation
  • The smart, conditional logic feature helps create high-performance forms
  • 100% responsive, user-friendly design
  • Allows users to upload files and media with form submissions
  • Smart Captcha and spam protection features
  • Supports multiple add-ons for extra additional functions, e.g., Salesforce and MailChimp
  • Easy to customize with numerous different options
  • Enables multi-page forms for a better user experience

WPForms offers four pricing bundles. Prices starts from $79 and range up to $599 for the Basic, Plus, Pro, and Elite plans.

Ultimate Member

Ultimate Member is a drag-and-drop form builder that lets you create registration forms in just a few clicks. Its high download rate and excellent ratings are testaments to its excellent performance, keeping the registration process easy for users to sign-up and become members.

This plugin also features a powerful user dashboard that offers advanced features and functionalities in a user-friendly manner. It has several excellent tools for user account pages, conditional logic for registration forms, and member directories. In addition, the plugin also supports multiple column forms, reCAPTCHA, email notifications, drip content, custom fields, social media links, account management, automatic password reset, and so on. And, if that wasn’t already enough, you can even expand the plugin’s functionality with plenty of unique extensions and features, such as Instagram integration and private messages.

  • Easy to use
  • Full control over member access, user-roles, and so much more.
  • Custom form fields
  • Conditional logic for smart forms
  • Option to display users on a map on the member directory post
  • Sample pages for account login, logout and more
  • Sample forms for login, Profile, and Registration
  • Google reCAPTCHA support
  • Social login feature
  • WooCommerce compatible

Ultimate Member has a free version that provides a limited set of features that is suitable for most users. For a more in-depth, advanced experience, premium plans are priced at $249 or $299 per year.

Profile builder

Profile Builder is a user registration and login plugin for WordPress, allowing you to add a registration menu on your WordPress website using shortcodes. The plugin lets you restrict content based on user role or logged-in status.

The simple form creator offers a drag and drop functionality and has several predefined forms. The plugin offers a flexible solution to modify the user profile through the front-end menu. In addition, the premium version also allows you to create additional user fields, add avatar uploads for users, and supports conditional logic.

Profile Builder is sometimes also known as the User Registration and User Profile tools. Its free version comes with a long list of features and works well for both beginners and advanced users.

  • Email confirmation option
  • Features an integrated role editor
  • Admin bar settings and reCAPTCHA support
  • Option to generate multiple registration forms
  • Uses a combination of menu form creation
  • Supports shortcodes and custom CSS
  • Email notification and integration with MailChimp (premium)
  • Social media and WooCommerce support with add-ons

Profile Builder includes both a free version and two premium plans priced at $69 and $149 per year.

WP User Manager
WP User Manager is a free WordPress user registration plugin that allows you to create user registration forms within minutes. It allows you to restrict access to content through user levels and is ideal for LMS platforms and other subscription websites. In addition, it supports custom fields, form placement widgets, shortcodes, and more. This plugin works well for those for whom security is a significant consideration, and there are several more advanced security features than in any other WordPress registration plugin. The premium version of the plugin gives you access to additional features such as the ability to add custom fields, built-in email verification, social login, GDPR data compliance, and WooCommerce integration.
  • The plugin is developer-friendly
  • WP User Manager is translation ready
  • User directories are excellent ways to find users and organize them in one list
  • Support for custom fields and advanced custom fields
  • Email notifications and MailChimp integration
  • Social media login support
  • No need for membership fees; only pay for the add-ons you need.

The basic version of the plugin is free. Meanwhile, premium plans start from $99 up to $249 per year.

Registration Magic
RegistrationMagic is a WordPress plugin that’s ideal for creating multi-purpose forms. It integrates a full-fledged user management module to connect registration and payment activities with individual accounts. Moreover, the tool also features the option to suspend and re-activate users. The admin dashboard allows you to track and analyze form submission stats effortlessly. What’s more, the plugin provides a wide variety of features and extended functionality options. For example, a popup is displayed for a brief tour on activating the plugin, which could help you understand the interface more rapidly. It also provides shortcodes for predefined sample forms to copy and paste directly into your custom pages. This tool gives auto-responses for notifying users and supports third-party integration, including social login, Mailchimp integration, WooCommerce, DropBox integration, and Google Maps API key integration.
  • Drag and drop field sorting
  • Options integrated to display different forms to different users
  • Set limits for registering users
  • Unlimited registration forms
  • Powerful email notifications
  • Supports Magic popups, export/import functions, and visual form editor extensions, as well as Google reCAPTCHA
  • Payment options with PayPal and Stripe integration
  • Options for role-based access
  • Efficient integration with the NewsLetter plugin
The basic version of this tool is free. For additional features, the premium plan starts from $89 for a single website. A Premium+ package is also available, covering unlimited domains with a lifetime of support and updates.
Easy Registration Forms

Easy Registration Forms keep things simple with a very straightforward dashboard. As a result, it’s almost effortless to create, deploy, and manage forms and integrate them anywhere on your website.

The tool offers an intuitive drag and drop form builder, templates for registration, a simple user management interface, analytics tools, and so much more. It’s ideal for both WordPress beginners and developers alike.

Easy Registration Forms allows you to create forms that can be as simple or complex as you desire. In addition, the highly convenient reporting system relays information to the interested party in a periodic manner. This also allows you to restrict access to content on your website as per the user’s role.

The plugin supports a responsive form design with reCAPTCHA configuration. The developers even include several popular add-ons, such as Mailchimp integration and more.

  • Includes a drag and drop form builder
  • Supports conditional logic and multi-step forms
  • Support for several payment gateways, including PayPal and Stripe integration
  • GDPR compliance tools
  • Unlimited user registration forms
  • User registration notifications
  • reCAPTCHA configuration
  • User management and analytics
  • MailChimp and MailPoet integration
  • Import submissions directly from CSV files
  • Built-in login form widget

There’s a free version of Easy Registration Forms that’s easy to use; meanwhile, premium plans cost from $59 to $189 per year.

Wrapping Up

The seven excellent WordPress registration plugins we’ve mentioned in today’s guide have been well-researched and hand-picked, hopefully helping you find the choice that’s ideal for your site. Choose the plugin that best meets your requirements, and we assure you they will make the user registration process a breeze overall.

Are you using any of the plugins mentioned above? Please share your experience with us in the comments section below. We’d love to hear back from you!

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