What you Should Know When Creating your First Private WooCommerce store

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WooCommerce is a great platform that allows you to build your store in any way you see fit. However, if you’re going to control your store’s look and feel, you first need to understand how to customize it. Indeed, creating a private store requires some prep work and understanding, but private stores can make your online shopping experience much more pleasant once mastered.

The secret to building an eCommerce site in WooCommerce is just getting the essential elements right. However, having an e-commerce store is only the first step. Indeed, the design of your site is also a crucial influencing factor; as such, it would likely help to carefully plan your WooCommerce store’s layout and theme to help make your website more attractive to customers.

Ideally, your products should flow through the store using the page layout methods contained within wp-admin/includes/commerce.php. This helps ensure that people can easily buy from your WooCommerce store without even needing to visit your website directly.

Thereafter, there is the simple matter of using an e-commerce plugin. WooCommerce uses the TCP method to display order details. Using an external application allows you to display coordinates, update product prices as you list them, and more without the hassle.

One of the great things about WooCommerce is that it’s extensible. A lot of the basic functionality comes ready-made; it’s almost an “out of the box” solution. In addition, you can create your own free store or even build upon the functionality provided by the WooCommerce plugin for free with plugins. So, whether you’re looking to create a Facebook store or an eCommerce site, it’s possible to enhance what even the free version of WooCommerce can do with additional plugins and features

Who needs your WooCommerce store?

WooCommerce customers have many needs, which can make setting up a private shop a little confusing. And, naturally, many new sellers are already intimidated by the thought of running their own business. As such, they can find themselves assuming that a considerable amount of business experience is needed or that they already need to have connections to make their store profitable. However, as with anything else in life, we all start from the same first step; as such, you can learn how to run your own business and succeed without having to rely solely on someone else’s services. And, if you are exclusively selling eCommerce products in your spare time and not working for a large company, setting up your own online store can seem like a no-brainer.

There are three particular benefits for business owners of opening a private online store:

Niche, specialist products

One of the most common reasons customers use private shops is that they are looking for specific products. Moreover, many customers look for a particular product that may be sold only through a single website or niche.

As such, if you sold anything and everything in your eCommerce store, your product portfolio would actually be very poor for most customers. Customers don’t need a generalist store; Amazon already offers that. Instead, a WooCommerce Private Shop lets you sell just those products that relate to your niche and customer base. Creating products that fulfill the customer’s needs is the key to a successful WooCommerce Store.

Service-based businesses

Restricting your WooCommerce store to a specific user or group of users can help reduce human error when creating accounts and may help drive superior sales and profits. Service-based businesses have low overheads and often tend to rely on repeat purchases for growth. Fortunately, you can ensure each deal is uniquely secure and successful by limiting access to just a selection of registered users.

Member-only stores

Member-only stores can be great for niche market merchants with tight budgets. These stores benefit from limiting the types of products that can be sold and the fees that can be charged. A member-only store can also benefit a business by creating a “buyer persona” for each member with a specific need or requirement. Buyer personas can help create a more natural relationship between the seller and their customers, resulting in more conversions and sales.

Wrapping up

Who doesn’t like saving money? Inevitably, saving money is made all the more practical when it’s integrated as part of your favorite eCommerce platform already. Indeed, the WooCommerce Private Shop feature gives you the power to create your own eCommerce store without dealing with other service providers. You can do it all—create an online store, post products, manage employees, and much more, all while remaining the owner of your store and without having to outsource work to other people. 

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