Are you looking forward to creating your first Private WooCommerce store?


Are you looking forward to creating your first Private WooCommerce store?

WooCommerce is a great platform that allows you to build your store how you want. However, if you’re going to control your store’s look and feel, you need to understand how to customise the store. Creating a private store requires some prep work and understanding, but creating private stores can make your online shopping experience much more pleasant once mastered.

The secret to building an eCommerce site in WooCommerce is just about getting the essential elements right. Having an e-commerce store is only the first step. It would help if you planned out your store layout in WooCommerce in a way that allows you to sell products. You want your products to flow through the store using the page layout methods contained within wp-admin/includes/commerce.php. This will ensure that people can easily buy from the WooCommerce store without visiting your website directly. Then there is the matter of using an e-commerce plugin. WooCommerce uses the TCP method for displaying order details. Using an external application allows you to display coordinates, update product prices as you list them, and more,

One of the good things about WooCommerce is that it’s extensible. A lot of the basic functionality comes out of the box. In addition, you can create your own free store or even extend the functionality provided by the WooCommerce plugin for free. So whether you’re looking to create a Facebook store or an eCommerce site, it’s possible to develop what the free version of WooCommerce can do with additional plugins and features.

Who needs the store?

WooCommerce customers have many needs, which can make setting up a private shop a bit confusing. Many new sellers are intimidated by the notion of running their own business. They think they need a considerable amount of business experience or have connections to make their store more profitable. However, just like anything else, you can learn how to run your own business and succeed without benefiting from someone else’s services. If you are exclusively selling eCommerce products in your spare time and not working for a large company, then setting up your own online store seems like a no-brainer.

It benefits business owners in 3 common scenarios:

Customers need a Private Shop since they are looking for specific products. Also, many customers look for a particular product and store it only on their own website. If you sell everything on the internet as an eCommerce store, your product portfolio would be minimal. A WooCommerce Private Shop lets you sell only those products that relate to your niche and customer base. Creating products that fulfill the customer’s needs is the key to a successful WooCommerce Store.

Restricting your WooCommerce store to a specific user or group of users can help reduce human error in creating accounts and may help increase sales and profits. Service-based businesses have low overhead and rely on repeat purchases for growth. By limiting access to specific users, you can ensure each deal is uniquely secure and successful. If a user gains unauthorized access to your database or passes bad credit information to a third party, they can steal items from your store without ever leaving the confines of your site.

Member-only stores can be great for niche market merchants with tight budgets. These stores benefit from limiting the types of products that can be sold and the fees that can be charged. A member-only store can also benefit a business by creating a “buyer persona” for each member with a specific need or requirement. When a buyer persona exists, there may be a more natural relationship between the merchant and their customers, resulting in more conversions and sales.

So, what is the use of PPWP Pro?

If you are a WooCommerce store owner, you may want to hide entire widgets, including checkout pages and footers. PPWP is a little add-on that hides all page elements except for the header and footer when shopping. When activated, it also hides all product images from within the product listing pages. This can be effective if you want to hide sales channels from your customers or want to prevent people from seeing your heart-wrenching checkout page.


Have you ever felt like you had to explain more than you needed to get approved for a credit card or a new line of credit? Once you understand how this feature works, you will feel more comfortable using it. WooCommerce store owners know how important it is to have a secure online store experience. This is precisely why the team behind PPWP built this cutting-edge feature into the core product. You can now hide entire WooCommerce sites using one password—and all your visitors will see a warning box prompting them to enter their password before continuing.


Follow these 4 steps to password protect the entire WooCommerce store:

Step1: Download, install and activate- PPWP Pro plugin, also the WooCommerce integration extension site- WordPress site.

Step2: Go to pages- shop

Step3: Shop–> Password protect

Step4: Create a password


When users enter a wrong password twice in twenty-four hours (that happens once every 3.2 minutes on average), they will forget it and be forced to re-enter. This can be very inconvenient if you have stored lots of sensitive information on your site and want it safe from being hacked. To prevent this, you can hide entire sections of your site using the WooCommerce password storage feature. When a user enters a wrong password into WooCommerce twice within a shorter period (that happens once every 2 seconds on average), the store will generate a warning instead of displaying the password in the entry fields.


Guidelines for passwords:

  1. It would help if you had a good and strong password for security reasons. Passwords should contain- 8 characters, including letters, numbers, and special symbols.
  2. Using the auto-generated password mode, you can create limitless passwords without any expiration.

Be a member of WooCommerce!

  1. Access to a restaurant increases business confidence. The restaurant knows it has a customer who is interested in special menus and prices. Restaurant owners make an intelligent investment by offering free memberships to customers who confirm their dining reservations through WooCommerce. These memberships help restaurants achieve overwhelming customer satisfaction and drive repeat customers back for more. It’s a win-win condition for both parties involved.


    Follow the 4 steps to create a private store using the WooCommerce Memberships plugin:

    Step1: Install and activate the PPWP plugin

    Step2:To configure settings, open WooCommerce–> settings–>memberships.

    Step3: Select restriction- hide completely, hide content only, and redirect to page.

    Step4: Check- show excerpts- to disable the content.


    WooCommerce Member products, available for individual purchase on Shopify, allow you to offer your customers exclusive deals and member-only content. These unique products allow your members to take advantage of exclusive discounts and offers while providing you with valuable traffic and exposure. In addition, creating a member-only storefront will enable you to hide your store from public view while allowing you to offer advanced features to your visitors.

To create a new WooCommerce Membership Plan

  1. Go to memberships under WooCommerce–>Select membership plan–>add a membership plan.

  2. When it comes to limiting access to your WooCommerce site via paid subscriptions, both methods have pros and cons. For example, if you have a large store with many products and many different products within those products, then you might want to prevent users from accessing your store via the free guest login method. On the other hand, restricting access via paid membership channels might be a good idea if you have a smaller store with only a few products and fewer customers. The only way to honestly know is by testing both methods and comparing their results before making your final decision.

Wrapping up

Who doesn’t like saving money? And what isn’t extra fun when you can do it behind the scenes of your favorite eCommerce platform? WooCommerce Private Shop gives you the power to create your own eCommerce store without dealing with consumers. You can do it all — create an online store, post products, manage employees, and much more, all while remaining an owner of your store. 

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